At Mile 2, Mo mentioned, “I think I was supposed to sign us up online for this but I never got around to it.”

And thus, I became a bandit for the first time, in a diabetes run/walk fundraiser. I’m going to hell for sure.

Luckily, it’s October, The Month In Which No Events Are Allowed Unless They Are Related To Breast Cancer Awareness, so maybe I have a loophole.

In Mo’s defense, she said she never got around to registering because, “I didn’t know it cost anything.” Mo is not so good at the theory of fundraisers.

We finished the race on the local AA team’s baseball field. They had only one rule: Don’t walk on the grass. I got this photo of Mo while walking on the grass.

I’m guessing we won’t be invited back. Maybe they’ll have cured diabetes by then  …

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3 Responses to oops

  1. Jenster! says:

    That grass looks a lot like dirt.

    • me says:

      Mo is on the outfield track (the stretch of dirt that runs along the edge of the outfield to alert outfielders that they’re about to smack the fence.) That’s the part we were SUPPOSED to be on. To get the photo, I had to walk out on the grass in the outfield. Because photojournalists cannot be bound by convention. In my defense, I took only a smallish chunk of grass as a souvenir.

  2. geedee says:

    Ya know, “The woman made me do it” is the oldest unsuccessful defense in history.

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