Welcome to Club Sofia

You should post something on your blog, Mo says.

I just did, I say.

No, not that one. The other one.

I explain for the hundredth time that I had to stop posting there because people appeared to be reading it. I’m shy. I don’t play well with others.

She fumes. But I LIKE it. Why can’t you post there, too?

Because people might read it.

Mo is not amused. And maybe it doesn’t make sense. But nobody said life should. She grumbles some more. I am taken back to the words of an old friend who I admonished for giving out the name of the old blog. “Why do you write something you don’t want people to read?” But I suppose if you have to ask, you’d never understand.

Later, Mo comes home from making Dia de Los Muertos masks. She says someone asked her for the name of her blog. She wouldn’t tell them. She doesn’t want people reading it. I just smile.

Still later, she mentions again that I should post something on the blog.

It’s just like Club Sofia. You had to be there. And you weren’t …

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