Happy endings

It’s 2 a.m. I’m days away from the arrival of my first iPhone. I’m looking at my co-worker’s phone, which is sitting innocently on her desk. There’s not that much to do at 2 a.m., even at a newspaper.

I pick it up and hit a button. It turns on. This is easy.

I hit another button. A list of people’s names, I assume for phone purposes, comes up. Near the top of the list is our boss.

Our boss is very, very sick. She hasn’t been at work for two days. Malaria or West Nile or Carpel Tunnel. Something bad.

I touch the name. I assume you hit the name and it then gives you the phone number. I assume wrong. The phone announces we are now calling the boss.

I panic. It’s 2 a.m. She’s sick. She will NOT be amused by getting a phone call. I’m in trouble. One ring. Two. Three.

But then I realize. It’s my co-worker’s phone. Not a problem.

I push the button again and the phone shuts down.

My co-worker asks what I think.

I shrug and walk off.

Who says there are no happy endings?

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