12 miles (13:36)

I sort of want to barf. And that makes me happy.

As it turns out, today’s 14 miler was only 12 miles. Damn those short courses. Although this was on a treadmill, which makes it a bit harder to explain. But there was a headwind the entire way. Honest.

I haven’t run long in a long time, and I started to feel it. This was my first foray into double digits in a long time (think Carter administration. so I’m thinking good enough. Besides, I was running at the gym (cold front sent temps plunging below 70) and I was watching “Twilight.” It started getting scary, so it was time to go. Yes, I’m an 8-year-old girl.

Easy, consistent 13:36 rp. Today was the first day that I thought, “My. I might actually be able to do this.” It was also the first day that I thought, “My. I might actually be able to throw up.” Sadly, I did not. Yet. There goes my street cred. Not to mention that watching “Twilight” while the World Series and Notre Dame/Oklahoma were on also pretty much decimated my treadmill cred. If there’s such a thing.

First day of trying Boost as a during-race supplement. Given that I feel like barfing, I think we can rank that one as a total success. At least it’ll be yummy chocolate coming back up. A vast improvement from Perpetuum.

All in all, a good day. Eight tomorrow will be fun. I just hope they’re not showing “Twilight” again. Running on a treadmill with your hand over your eyes isn’t that easy…

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