My iPhone 5 Review

I love my new iPhone 5.

It’s sleek, light, big screen, packed with features. My previous phone was a Malibu Barbie model which only had buttons to dial 911 and Ken, so this is a quantum leap. Yes, I always had a thing for Scott Bakula. But that’s not why I love my iPhone 5.

It’s got 3G or 4G or something, which I assume is like 3-D for phones, although I didn’t buy the optional glasses. But that’s not why I love my iPhone 5.

I can get apps for Garage Band and for finding the phone when I lose it in two days. It’s got video and a million things I’ll never use.

But that’s not why I love my iPhone 5.

I have no freaking idea how to make it work. I hit buttons and it ignores me. It assumes I have something called “competency.” It assumes wrong. I can’t call, I can’t answer, I no longer have a functional phone.

Which means an entire weekend without being called in to work overtime.

And that’s why I love my iPhone 5.

And Scott Bakula.

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