8 miles (13:43)

Yesterday I ran in the gym next to a weightlifter doing sprints.

Tonight I ran on the trail next to this.

I liked tonight’s run better.

Legs felt fine after long run. 13:43 rp was on cruise-control.

I tried a 1.5 mile loop around the park next to the bay for the first time today and I love it. Lots of runners, cyclists, families, rabid dogs. Quite entertaining.

Highlight was slacker guys trying to jump over a 4-foot brick wall in the park. As I was coming up on them, a skinny shirtless guy whose jeans provided me an excellent view of his butt crack exclaimed “F— it. I’m going commando. Balls out, head first over the top.” I paused to watch the certain carnage. I would have shot video but my camera is for ornamental purposes only. The guy backed up, sprinted toward the wall at breakneck pace (funny how that usually is just a figurative expression), and then with a scream sailed over the top. Insane. And then …

He landed on the other side with a perfect somersault and came up with clenched fists in the air to the admiring cheers of his slacker throng. I’ve never been so disappointed. Why can’t life be more like the funny video shows on TV. At least someone could have kicked him in the crotch afterward.

Other than that, just miles in the bank.

Week’s total was 32 miles. Not great, but it’s a start.  And maybe next week I’ll take on the wall. Please don’t kick me in the crotch. Thank you.

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