4 miles (12:55)

“Wow. You’ve never worn that hat before.”

My co-worker is looking at me with that odd expression. Yes, lots of people look at me with odd expressions, but this one strikes me as odd. Yes, there are too many odd references in this paragraph. Even so. Odd. Even.

I have NO idea what she’s talking about. I’ve worn this same baseball cap to work every day for the last six months or so. I tell her, “I’ve worn this same baseball cap to work every day for the last six months or so.”

“No, you have not,” she says emphatically.

Have too. Have not. Have too. Have not. We find ourselves at an impasse.

She looks over to the guy I sit across from. “Has he worn this hat before?” she asks him. “Same hat he always wears,” he replies. But he will agree with anything as long as it allows him to go back to work.

She gives me the annoyed look. Yes, lots of people give me the annoyed look.

And that’s that.

A couple of hours later, my computer crashes. Which is a joy because it means I get to go to the bathroom while it reboots rather than the normal procedure of peeing in my pants. While there, I look in the mirror. I am NOT wearing the same cap I’ve worn every day for the last six months or so. I am wearing my running hat.

My running hat is an old Sequel cap (they went out of business because they insisted on making them in the U.S.). I’ve had it for years. It weighs about 7 pounds because it’s totally encrusted in salt. It’s sort of a brownish white and looks like it was discarded by a Crazy Homeless Guy with high standards. I love this hat, but use it only for running, as not to  frighten children and Republicans. At least it solves the mystery: I’ve been smelling something odd all afternoon. Damn. There’s the odd word again.

I stop by my co-worker’s desk and explain that I unwittingly wore the wrong hat. She gives me the “oh, you poor elderly man, can I help you open your can of Boost for you?” look. Yes, I get that a lot.

The moral: Training must be going well if I’m already to the point of not being able to distinguish between hats. I’ve asked Mo to check me over before I leave today so that I don’t show up in my running shorts.

Speaking of running, today’s was pretty OK. I took the Hokey Pokeys out and they seemed to help the knee. 8/2 for the first couple of miles, so average ended up 12:55 over four miles (sub-13 wahoo!!!). This thing could work out yet.

And yes, I wore the correct hat for the run …

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2 Responses to 4 miles (12:55)

  1. SeniorRunner says:

    Samson’s strength was in his hair. Yours may be in your hat. Wearing it all day at work may explain the improved running pace. Something about the salt crystals, perhaps. Or the mung.

    In the name of science, I suggest you try wearing it 24/7, even while sleeping. You may be rewarded with even faster times.

    After all, odder things have happened.

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