3 miles (12:11, 134)

Funny how the smallest thing can have such a big effect on your life.

One minute I’m just standing there, daydreaming. I’m sizing up people. A woman looks pretty fit. She’s wearing a Nike hat and shorts. Her toenails are painted black. Serious runner or fashion statement? An elderly woman is led around by her daughter. An old cowboy is wearing Wranglers the way they were meant to be worn. As pants, not as a statement. A woman is missing two fingers. Diabetes? Or just absent-minded? Woman in Asics. Guy in flip-flops. I’m thinking the woman could take him.

One moment, I’m just standing there, doing nothing.

Then, the next moment, I’m pushing a button to decide the future of the country.

In a little gymnasium in a little town in Texas on a quiet Tuesday morning, I voted. Because that’s just what Americans do.

That’s pretty damn incredible.

And then I went for a run. Because that’s just what runners do.

Relentless forward motion …

3 miles (12:30 p.m., tm)
36:32 (12:11, 134)
12:36, 12:15, 11:39

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