It’s Saturday on the after side of noon. I just woke up.

I’m trying to to find inspiration for a long run. In preparation, I’m charging the iPhone and mainlining caffeine. We’re in a contest to see who gets charged up first.

I’m betting the iPhone wins.

As I wait, I’m reading the second-day stories. WSJ has an item on Vickie Leigh Soto, 27. First-grade teacher. She wrote on her teacher page at the first of the year: “I look forward to an amazing year in first grade with my amazing students of room 10!”

She enjoyed reading, owned a black lab named Roxie, and loved flamingos and the New York Yankees.

They found her dead, her body between the gunman and the students she was trying to protect.

It’s easy to dwell on tragedy. But important to celebrate heroes.

God bless Vickie Leigh Soto – teacher, amazing person, hero.

Even if she was a Yankees fan.

I think I found my inspiration for that run …

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3 Responses to heroes

  1. Frisbee Kitty says:

    I am not the religious sort, but I have to believe that heaven is overflowing with angels today.

  2. willowspirit says:

    So very sad! I read it to Sal and he cried.

  3. tosuperstar says:

    Indeed, God Bless Vickie Leigh Soto, God Bless them all!

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