The thing you need to know

The thing you need to know is this: Sun pants do not work as rain pants.

I was digging around today trying to find cold-weather stuff. My tights are trashed, and my rain paints are really uncomfy to run in. But then it hit me. I’ve got this Solartex suit made for protection from the sun. It’s super comfy and offers decent wind protection. What are the odds it will rain, anyhow? And I run in the beloved Marmot jacket, which is rainproof. Done and done.

Which worked fine for about a mile. When it started to rain.

Solartex appears to be made of some sort of material that absorbs as much moisture as possible and then disburses it instantly to the crotch. I was doing my best impression of Bob Schneider in his leather pants at an outdoor summer concert in Corpus. A fun run, indeed. (42 and windy, if that gets me any closer to street cred. Although I wasn’t running on the street.)

On the bright side, the iPhone seems to have survived, and I re-learned a valuable lesson. That being, the treadmill is your friend …


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1 Response to The thing you need to know

  1. lionshart says:

    This post made me giggle. I’ve certainly been there! Hah!

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