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Mr. Pants’ Eleanor Roosevelt Q&A

what kind of paradise am i looking for? i’ve got everything i want and still i want more. maybe some tiny shiny key will wash up on the shore. – ani ___ Q. Hey, Daddy-O. I have this dilemma. A. … Continue reading

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Never underestimate the power of new shoes. My knees are hurting. The ITB is reminding me why it’s important to retire zapatos once they are worn enough on the outside that my feet start leaning outward, giving me the ol’ … Continue reading

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Quote of the morning, Part 2

“My apple tastes like part Roma and part Bengay.” — Mo Sheppo This is EXACTLY why I only eat apples when they’re inside my Mrs. Baird’s fried apple pie. This sort of thing had to be expected once you start … Continue reading

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Our journey is not complete

“I love the smell of perfume and Tiger Balm.” — Mo Sheppo —- I’m listening to the Obama inauguration aftermath on NPR. I had stayed home just long enough to hear the speech and watch Jay-Z leave the stands. If … Continue reading

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Wait no longer

I know, I know. You say, “Well, that’s all fine and all, but why aren’t there more videos of Mo playing mandolin?”

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