Just another morning conversation, Part 34

mo: can we set up the tent tonight?

me: I don’t think so. There’s no camping.

mo: Then why are we taking the tent?

me: So we can camp.

mo: You said there’s no camping.

me: Not before and after the race. It’s OK during the race.

mo: So why not before?

me: Beats me. It’s a rule.

mo: But if you’re in the tent, you’re not racing.

me: Um.

mo: So can we set up the tent or not?

me: Maybe. But we can’t get in it.

mo: This is one of those Chinese food races, isn’t it?*

Mo is a very patient person …

* “Chinese food race” refers to an old 24-hour run we went to a couple of times on the Arizona border. It was a half-mile loop that passed between a fast-food Chinese place and its particularly ripe Dumpster. It was run by a guy who was a True Believer, but always ran things by the seat of his pants. Things happened. This has become our catch phrase for races in which things may not go particularly well. Cross your fingers …

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3 Responses to Just another morning conversation, Part 34

  1. SeniorRunner says:

    Hey, man, whatever goes down, just remember one thing: The universe rejoices in super-efforts, even those of a chickpea.

  2. Mo swears she saw you here last night. Maybe she’s right …

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