My New Balance MT1210 review


So what do I think of the New Balance MT1210s with Lanolin?

I wore them to work today. I was working one of the harder design shifts. They held up pretty well during the early part of the workday, and I was able to run enough to get in a bathroom break. Actually I just peed in Justin’s trash can, which is on the way. But still.

I guess my biggest complaint is that for a $110 shoe, they still went with laces rather than velcro. Why do shoe companies continue to snub space-age technology? This is likely why more races don’t have Tang at aid stations.

I had to adjust the tension a little bit in the last hour, which saw me slow considerably (Hey. I’m old.)

But we made deadline OK if you squint and I didn’t lose any toenails in the process. So I guess they’re OK.

I like to run in new shoes on day one and then wear them through a shift at work. If they still feel comfy after 12 hours, they’re OK by me. These did, and they are. And I love the lanolin scent.

I found that the 8 mm vs. 4 mm drop is negligible when you’re sitting at a computer for nine hours. The extra padding in these shoes vs. the 110s was a godsend when I started stomping my foot and screaming  during the third computer crash on the night.

The shoes are spectacular on the inside. Totally seemless; perfect for running sockless without getting dinged. And you can’t get a proper stench unless you run sockless.

Comparing them to the 110s is like comparing apples to oranges. I like oranges more.

The weird part is that they’re called The Leadville in honor of that race, which these are allegedly designed for although I don’t think it has anything to do with the terrain. Maybe the shoes work well at 7,000 feet. I live at 30 feet. And I only have two feet. So I’m probably going to lose something in the translation. Although it could make for good Hipster talk.

How was your run, Daddy-O?

Leadville, Daddy-O. Just Leadville.

I suppose I’ll know more after tomorrow’s run. And then maybe I’ll have an orange.


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4 Responses to My New Balance MT1210 review

  1. Kynan says:

    I’ve been curious about these, thanks for the in depth review. I happen to have a few apples here. so I can continue your research.

  2. prairie athena says:

    Did you know that lanolin is used as a nipple ointment for new breastfeeding moms? So I suppose you could rub these against your (manly) nipples before a race to prevent chafing…

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