My New Balance MT1210 review, part 2

Well, I like them a lot. They fit great. Comfy toe box, snug heel, plenty padded, luggy without catching on stuff. Tongue is just right, inside of shoe is perfect. 8mm drop feels OK. Legs are happy. I don’t even think about them when I run, which is pretty much all I ask for in a shoe and a political party.

But there’s always something, no?

These things have laces that could be used to tie down a boat. Which could come in handy since I run by the bay a lot and constantly encounter drifting catamarans.

Here is a comparison with the 110.


I was instantly smitten with the 110 lace. It’s got this odd twisty design which makes no sense till you’ve held it. And one side is longer than the other, which seems weird till you tie a knot and realize you need more lace on one side than the other. I was thrilled  that New Balance finally had perfected the shoelace.

And then come these monsters, which are the opposite of perfect. There is an extra hole way up on the shoe, but I hate that hole. It always makes the shoe seem too snug. So I’m left with these laces that flap all over the place.

My workaround solution has been to simply tie the two shoes together. This means I can only run with my legs about 6 inches apart with strides no longer than a shoe length, but that’s my normal running stride anyhow.

I don’t have the heart to steal the laces from the old 110s, so I guess I’m destined to shuffle for the next 500 miles or so. It’s always something.

On the bright side, boat captains across the Coastal Bend will breathe a sigh of relief knowing I’m ready for them …

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3 Responses to My New Balance MT1210 review, part 2

  1. Jenster! says:

    You can lasso Godzilla with those things next time he emerges from the bay (all Texans can lasso, right?). I’ll be running away screaming. Stereotyping at its finest.

  2. Emil says:

    why don’t you just cut the damn extra length off the laces and burn the ends so they don’t fray….? I do this with all my running shoes.

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