just another run, part 3

Hello, occasional readers.

I went out on the old route today, in the old shoes, in an old cotton T-shirt and a baseball cap that smells funny. Not in a ha ha way.

I ran three miles. No pain. I got nailed by a wave. They’re sneaky bastards. Dodged a gull. Waved at a runner. Played chicken with a skateboarder. Said hello to The Naked Lady. Managed the last downhill without crashing. Managed the last uphill without dying. A good run. An honest run.

It was fun and effortless and everything running should be. It was a run that said stop worrying. Everything’s going to be OK. It was a run to remember being a kid on a glorious afternoon when it’s warm but not too warm and windy but you can stay upright. A day made for flying kites and having picnics and drifting along a sidewalk without a care.

It was just another run.

And that’s enough.

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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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9 Responses to just another run, part 3

  1. Steve Peet says:

    I wish my city had a naked lady. They insisted on a skate park.

  2. CA Running says:

    Which smells worse baseball cap or piranhas?

  3. Maggynolia says:

    Your coastal Texas city has uphills and downhills? No fair!

  4. SeniorRunner says:

    Gonna do my first race of the year on a hilly course in another coastal city – San Diego. Hope I can avoid the waves…

  5. tosuperstar says:

    Was it a Bare Naked Lady and did you buy her a fur coat?

  6. Running Nole Fan says:

    ‘Tis harder to dodge a gull than a buoy.

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