Calm before the storm


One of those runs best done with swim goggles. 79 percent humidity and 79 degrees added up to not that much fun. Although I’m not that good at addition.

Legs feeling pretty tired. Probably should have worn Hokey Pokeys.

Storm hasn’t come in yet, although when I made the turn I saw it for the first time. Impressive. One of those days that makes me wish my car had windshield wipers. Not much wind, not much energy, not much of not much. Just punching the clock.

As I was coming down the home stretch, dragging my tired butt home in a puddle of sweat, a guy in a suit from the Baptist church waved and exclaimed, “what a nice day to run!” I just smiled.

He’s right. Any day is a nice day to run. Never take it for granted. Enjoy every sandwich …


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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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