Barney and me

we  have no choice
but to carry on.
— the evil stephen stills

You know you’re in a small town when you hit pause on the Garmin while running to sit and watch a cop pulling peeps over for speeding.

It was a lot of fun. A motorcycle cop was standing on the side of the road with a gun. He shot people coming off the top of the hill. Apparently everyone speeds on this road, although I have no idea what the speed limit is, or if indeed there is one at all. But he never got on his bike. He would just walk out in the road and wave the unsuspecting convicts-to-be over. Watching people getting tickets is way more fun than getting them. I felt just like Floyd the Barber, sitting on a bench in Mayberry. Must be the mustache.

Plus, it gave me a break at the halfway point. Ran in the Hokey Pokeys so legs felt OK, but just tired. Maybe because it’s end of the week, maybe miles are piling up on unsuspecting legs. Maybe I’m just old. Actually overshot turnaround, so I got a bonus quarter-mile. Oh, boy. Here’s hoping that next gear shows up soon.

A beautiful day. Much cooler, low humidity, no wind. Truly a day to rejoice. And to rejoice. As if I had a choice. Ill will carry on. Now if I could just run worth a damn …

beach family


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