Waiting on the bus all day

Not so much a run today as a portable party. Not to be confused with a porta-potty.

Quads are still feeling iffy, but body overall is liking the five-mile thing. Times are getting a little faster and hr a little lower. So far, so far.

It was Saturday in the park (although I’m almost certain it wasn’t the Fourth of July), so I ended up making short turista stops along the way. That probably nullifies the run, but rather than disqualify myself, I just took the two-stroke penalty. The Tiger Woods School of Running.

Some sort of big-deal competition was going on at the skate park. It’s officially a big-deal competition when they have a wacky announcer and give away Monster drinks. Much fun to watch, in a train wreck sort of way. These guys are just good enough to get a bunch of air, only to do a Wile E. Coyote suspended 20 feet above a concrete floor with their skateboards going on without them.

They had four guys skating in a bowl at once, combining the sports of skateboarding and destruction derby. One amazing crash at 80 mph. Oh, to be 14 and resilient again. Second-best crash was guy who landed on his wrist. I was certain it had to be broken. As luck would have it, I was standing next to his girlfriend, so when he came up to check in with her I heard the conversation.

“I think I broke my wrist.”

“Do you want to go to the hospital?”

“Nah, I don’t I think I’ll need it.”

Skateboarders could make the jump to ultrarunning in a heartbeat. Although I have no idea how they’d keep the baggy shorts up.

Another windy day, but I think I’m starting to bond with it. Actually sort of fun in a human kite kind of way. The running felt pretty good the whole way.

Longtime readers will recall I thought I saw two pro wrestlers yesterday at the Holiday Inn. Wrong. There was a tattoo convention going on there today. I saw a woman outside with the world’s greatest Betty Boop tattoo. I wanted a photo, but was scared to ask, “Excuse me, can I shoot your Betty Boop?”  I ran on. I am a coward.

I took another short break by the cafe where the two guys play on weekend afternoons. Excellent rendition of “Waiting on the bus/Jesus Just Left Chicago.” One does not run past a good ZZ Top song. This is Texas, you know.

All in all, a fun run. I’m definitely feeling stronger. And feeling thankful I’m not a skateboarder …

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2 Responses to Waiting on the bus all day

  1. Running Nole Fan says:

    I bet Mo is glad you’re not skateboarding. Although, it might be faster than Cadmium.

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