Sure, I can run a half marathon in two weeks

all monkeys do what they see
Help me stay awake, I’m falling …
— adam duritz

I was able to walk for three miles in only moderate pain today! And it only hurts when I try to breathe! This should be no problem at all.

Mo suggests I not fall down again while the rib is cracked. “Puncturing a lung would probably be bad,” she says. At least she left open the possibility that it might be OK.

Adding insult to injury, she came home yesterday giving a detailed description of how she had just fallen down in a hardware store parking lot, doing a perfect somersault and recovering without so much as a scratch. The judges had to mark her down slightly, of course, but other than that she was unscathed. She suggests that I might try that rather than just smashing my chest the next time I choose to fall down.

I just hope ghosts are real, so I can come back and annoy Mo when I die from my punctured lung …


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