you wind some, you lose some

Field research is complete.

If anyone asks you, “So when running in a 27 mph wind (with gusts up to 15,000 mph), is it easier running with a headwind or a tailwind?”, you can tell them with confidence the latter. Or tell them the ladder, if you misunderstood the question and they were actually asking what device to use to get on the roof to retrieve their child who has blown away in the wind. I don’t care HOW tempting it is, never tie a cloth onto your child’s foot, attach a string and try to fly him. Unless he’s annoying loud.

Ernie Pook met the wind today and was impressed. On the bright side, it was a headwind out, so much fun coming home. Except for dodging the flying children.

Big news of the day: Longtime readers will recall that I lost the beloved Trail Monkey several months ago, and he has been impossible to replace. But then. Mo found an artist in Vietnam who made us a 1-inch monkey, complete with loop! Now if she could just knit me a replacement wedding ring. Mailed today, so should be on the road in a couple of weeks. Yes, I will resist the urge to tie cloth on his foot and fly him …



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1 Response to you wind some, you lose some

  1. Stephinator says:

    Welcome back Trail Monkey…. welcome back.

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