Hand washing done right!


My Subway has added a helpful sign for employees. Washing your hands in six easy steps!

It starts out OK, I guess. Wet hands. Apply soap. Wash. Rinse. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. So far, so good.

But than. Steps 5 and 6. Dry hands with paper towel, and use paper towel to turn off faucet, thus not negating the whole thing.

The problem? The sign is pasted to the automatic hand dryer, the gizmo that you hold your hands under for 30 seconds before eventually wiping them on your pants. There are no paper towels.

This is EXACTLY why I always order Purell as my condiment of choice at the Subway …

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8 Responses to Hand washing done right!

  1. CA Running says:

    Regular Purell or Dijon?

  2. Running Nole Fan says:

    You own a Subway?!?

    Here’s my question: The sign says you have to change gloves. Why not just leave the old gloves on, take care of business, then just put on the new gloves?

  3. tosuperstar says:

    My buddy always says that the sign on the dryer should read:
    1.saves trees
    2. saves energy
    3. reduces waste
    4. Doesn’t work

  4. Maggynolia says:

    Have you ever looked at the under side of those hand dryers? It’s gross… don’t look. Definitely need a squirt of Purell afterwards.

    • JustaJester says:

      One of Jester’s “Rules to Live By”… Never look at the underside of anything, animate or inanimate!

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