It’s a sign

Decent day. Headwind kicked my buttocks on the way back, but I guess that’s its job. Ernie Pook was happy, and no gulls pooped on me. That’s all you can ask in a run.

Everything feels fine. Just keeping hr under 140 and trying to stay consistent. Intentionally pushing first couple with the wind and trying to hang on for the return trip. Not working, but that’s OK. Fun.

Fast Guy came by me today. Green racing flats. Totally on his toes. Must’ve been doing 6-minute miles, because I was at 12 pace and he dropped me like I was Iraq. It’s always Sunni here, you know.

Mo appears to have come out on the course and painted a sign to remind me not to trip and fall. Mo is a Good Person…



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3 Responses to It’s a sign

  1. Running Nole Fan says:

    It’s a forgery. A pretty good one, though. They just forgot a couple of critical elements.

  2. CA Running says:

    From the depiction I see you still haven’t convinced Mo that the Tony Krupicka hydration vest will help protect you in a fall. Might be best just to avoid falling. 🙂

    • ilikemargarine says:

      Man. I got the UltrAspire vest in the mail today, thinking I could stuff bubble wrap (seriously) in the little bottle holders. But it’s made for midgets! Another theory thwarted.

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