the answer, my friend …

The eternal question: Is it harder to run into the wind first, or last?

The eternal answer: Yes.

I tried the other direction today. So 2 1/2 into relentless winds. I think they relented once, but I was paused at a traffic light so I missed out on it. Let me describe how hard it is to run into this wind:

It’s hard. Yes, I’m a poet.

So by the time I turned around for my triumphant sprint home, I was already dog meat. And not the fancy, refrigerated kind. Net result: Pretty much the exact same time as yesterday in the opposite direction.

Conclusion: beats me.

One big difference: Going this direction means substantially less climbing. There was a 16-foot total elevation gain, vs. the usual 30-foot ordeal in the other direction. Something to keep in mind when training for Pike’s Peak. Or Pike Place Market …

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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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