It has a familiar ring

I’m up at the crack of dawn.

Actually, I wake up at the crack of 9, and only because Dad is yowling. Apparently his idea of a proper visit does not consist of watching us sleep all day.

Mo burrows deeper under her blanket as I stumble about, trying to recall what life before noon is like. It doesn’t seem to be a pleasant place at all.

I have my first cup of coffee. Cowboy Mo joins the parents for some whipped cream with a pancake under it somewhere.


With the parents far more entertained by Mo than me,  I wander back into the bedroom.

When I notice.

There is a small plate that sits on the dresser. It’s been a longstanding joke in the guest bedroom. Brother the Younger started putting his change there at the end of the day when he would stay there. We followed suit. Seems there’s always a couple of dollars in nickels and quarters there. Until today. It’s gone.

I march into the kitchen and accuse Dad of making off with our money. He claims innocence and goes into the bedroom.

Apparently the plate was stuck in a drawer while they did some remodeling. He comes out with the plate and says, “See? The moneys still there. And there’s even a ring.”

Mo and I just stare at the plate. There is my wedding ring.

Longtime readers will recall Ilost my wedding ring during the weekend of a trail run in early March. It was freezing. I remembered putting it on before the race, then it was gone. I assumed it fell off during the run. Mo was very understanding and mocked me only once.


It’s been months since the little fellow disappeared. We halfheartedly looked for a replacement rings a couple of times since, but nothing much worked. It just wouldn’t be the same.

And now … here it is again, sitting on the plate smiling at us.

We are in total disbelief. It’s a weird dream.

I had gone directly from the race to the parents’ house to celebrate Dad’s birthday. I must’ve gotten there, taken the ring off to shower and totally forgotten the entire episode. Did I mention it was a hard race?


Dad shrugs. Lot of people stay in that room, he says. How could I know whose it was?

Dad’s a funny guy.

I put the ring on. It feels just right. And although I’m sure Mo regrets it frequently, it’s nice to be married again.

And yes, I swiped a handful of change. Down payment on a new ring after I lose it at the next race …


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6 Responses to It has a familiar ring

  1. tosuperstar says:

    Guess I will have to take the medal detector back that I bought you for Christmas. Glad you found your lost ring.

  2. Frisbee Kitty says:

    Y’all are a hoot and a half!

  3. Brad Angle says:

    Gotta love those surprises out of the blue!

  4. sassafras says:


  5. John Wayne says:

    The prodigal ring returns!

  6. George says:

    Nice to hear that you found the ring. I don’t know if you can really give your father credit for finding it. He said he didn’t know whose it was. (You’re lucky he didn’t take!)

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