My deer wife

Longtime readers will recall that one of our greatest marital rifts came on Mo’s first visit to Texas when she discovered bags of deer corn outside a convenience store in Llano. When I explained that deer hunters use it to lure Bambi near their blinds, she was aghast.

She marched into the store, which was full of guys in camo hunting outfits, and said to the clerk, “Deer corn? So you feed them and then you shoot them?” it was a long drive the rest of that day.

Fast-forward a decade or so. She still doesn’t understand those who would shoot such an innocent animal (nor do I), but she is able to peacefully co-exist.

Which brings us to Venison World. It’s a little hunting store in Eden, where you make the turn on the way to Menard and Junction. (you know, across from the Dairy Queen!)

We stopped yesterday for caffeine at the convenience store next door. When I came out, Mo was exiting Venison World. I feared the worst. But she was laughing, and showed me the photo she had taken.


I’m guessing the deer is cooking up some deer corn.

I think Mo has finally arrived. Must’ve been the Big Cowboy Hat …

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7 Responses to My deer wife

  1. kynanmatz says:

    I suppose his name is John, then. Har dee har har.

  2. JustaJester says:

    Next thing you know, she’ll develop a hankering for fried rattlesnake! BTW it’s available online, frozen and ready to cook…

  3. Jenster! says:

    I find a deer wearing wearing camouflage to be the most ridiculous part of this vignette. Total Poppycock!!

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