ode to an mia monkey

Monkey in the middle
Keeps doing that trick
It’s making me nervous
Get rid of it quick

— The Prophet Suzanne Vega


Have you seen this monkey? Thought to be on the loose and salsa dancing somewhere between Seoul and here. If you have a moment, please stand on the nearest street corner and loudly sing “I’m a Seoul Monkey.” thanks!

Does watching “Kelly’s Heroes” while you run count as a legitimate Memorial Day commemoration?

Hung out with Ernie Pook at the gym.  Felt OK. Legs are a little tired, probably because of all-night salsa dancing. Or maybe I’m a sissy. One of those.

Still no sign of the Trail Monkey. He allegedly is somewhere between Vietnam and here. I hope he didn’t come via Oklahoma. On the other hand, I think the USPS was in charge of delivery and seems like they shut down for May under the latest budget cutbacks. Maybe he’ll show up someday. And maybe a monkey will fly out of my butt. But not a Trail Monkey.

Planning to get up to 5 miles, level off at an hour and then speed up the pace a bit. Targeting below 140 hr. We shall see.

Just another day to excel. Or exhale. Or run. Or salsa dance.  Look out, Sgt. Oddball …



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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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