oh. and I could use a Blind Pig.

I ran today with Ernie Pook and Chris Cornell. All I needed was some flannel and a big Tully’s (no room for cream, please) and I could’ve been in Seattle.

Co-worker shamed me on to the Freemotion, so that’s where I was. Wow I love those things. Five seemed OK. Quads still a little flighty, but quads are like that. HR never hit 140 till I picked up at the end for fun.

Moral dilemma surfaced when Pandora threw up a Stone Temple Pilots song in the mix. The other members are suing Scott Weiland, trying to forbid him from singing the band’s songs. And yet, here he was, singing the band’s songs. Do I skip it? Do I mute? Do I plead the Fifth? Will I be an accomplice and busted by the Police? If so, will they sing “Roxanne”? In the end, I listened anyhow. Because I likely would fall off the back if I tried to mess with the iPhone. And because Interstate Love Song is pretty terrific.

A good day. This is what running is supposed to feel like, I think. Never underestimate the power of running in flannel …

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1 Response to oh. and I could use a Blind Pig.

  1. Running Nole Fan says:

    Sounds like the day I tried to live.

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