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well, it was fun while it lasted

mo: If you want to have fun playing with the Baby Kat, use this string. me: Oh? mo: Never mind. She just ate it.

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Shooter? I hardly knower!

“WHO’S SHOOTER JENNINGS??????” Mo, on the next treadmill, is screaming at me. I am terrified. I give her the deer in the headlights look. Not my best look. “WHO?” She yells at me. What has Shooter Jennings ever done to … Continue reading

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Things I wish I had said, Part 26

Your eyes say “I’m not interested in coaching,” but your mustache says “get me on the court.” — Jon Stewart to Phil Jackson

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uh oh

The folks at Runner’s World point out a study on the blog Obesity Panacea that states this: The higher above sea level you live, the less likely you are to be obese. This is where I live. I live at … Continue reading

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My Black Diamond Sprinter headlamp review

When you’re buying a headlamp for running, you don’t really much care that it has 75 lumens (how DO they fit that many lumens into such a small package?) You are ambivalent about a 42-hour battery life on low power, … Continue reading

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My jury duty

1. I put on pants. They were quite clear that you have to wear pants. 2. I showed up at 8 a.m. and slept in my seat till the woman up front started talking. I have no idea what she … Continue reading

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My deer wife

Longtime readers will recall that one of our greatest marital rifts came on Mo’s first visit to Texas when she discovered bags of deer corn outside a convenience store in Llano. When I explained that deer hunters use it to … Continue reading

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