Mo and the neon runner

We had been playing leapfrog with the woman in the neon shorts since the beginning of mile 2. We were killing time while running along the endless uphill at the Jurassic Park fence. She and Mo were discussing whether the fence was electrified and who exactly should touch it to find out and if the monkey skull was actually a fossil or not or something. I don’t know. I’m not much of a talker.

And so it went for miles. We passed her, she passed us, we passed her again, she passed us again. Repeat as necessary. And it was necessary a lot.

Finally, we went by her at the mile 5 split. She told Mo (in what was probably part joke and part challenge), “You’re not going to beat me.” This is a bad thing to tell Mo.

She kicked into the next gear and we cruised through the final mile at a pace that ensured the neon woman didn’t have a chance (although I don’t really know if she thought we were racing). Stop for the perfect photo of the super moon? Not tonight. Slow down a little through the high-grass stretch where we couldn’t even see the trail in the dark? Sorry. We kept up an unrelenting pace till we made the right turn signaling a hundred yards or so to go. Victory was hers.

And then.

As we approached the finish line, Mo stopped. Because she wanted to wait for the neon runner to finish. Because the trail is a place to discover, not defeat.

This is the photo as they crossed the finish line together. Race results show they finished in exactly the same time.

mo pf finish

If someone asked me the difference between road racing and trail racing, I would just direct them to this photo. Joy. I can’t remember the last time I bought a race photo. I bought this one.

P.S. yes, this allowed me to beat Mo by 30 seconds. Nya nya.

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13 Responses to Mo and the neon runner

  1. That is the reason I love trail running so much more than road running. I’m glad y’all had such a good time, sorry I wasn’t out there. I’ve been on sort of a hiatus from life and running (although I’m pretty sure running and life are the same thing…)

  2. Running Nole Fan says:

    Sometimes an arteest paints with a heart full of joy…this is one of those times. Beautiful.

  3. jensternc says:

    Smiles for you and mo.

    I hope you two danced by the light of the super moon!

  4. Madiantin says:

    What a lovely thing to do. =)

  5. kynanmatz says:

    I hope you plan to hang that photo on your living room wall with their time.

    And yours above it.

    I don’t really hope that.

  6. Deucedeuce says:

    Love the photo but curious as to how I got here.

  7. are you kidding? no cool kids to be found here, and you give us the much-needed international cachet!!!! (i don’t like margarine either …)

  8. dr pangloss says:

    This made me smile. Thanks.

  9. sassafras says:

    so this whole ..”Mo is a saint” .. is actually true .. great pic

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