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Once upon a rocket bar

Answering the question, “Can a mannequin wearing a cowboy hat seem just a little bit creepy?” Just in case anyone was asking that question.

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Beat’s so lonely

Son, don’t wait till the break of day ‘Cause you know how time fades away. — The Prophet Neil Young — One day, I’m watching Little Charlie Sexton. He’s playing the blues in Austin in his mid-teens. Good show. I … Continue reading

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The triumphant arrival of Trail Monkey 2.0

Longtime readers will recall that the Trail Monkey, longtime running companion and carrier of good mojojojo, decided to leave me one day while running and join the carnival. I’ve been running with an EMT (emergency monkey-trail) since then, but it … Continue reading

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No makee caca!

Longtime readers will recall that Grandpa ran a race from Reno to San Francisco in the early 1990s  which consisted mostly of international runners and which was put together by Joe Oakes, the world’s coolest runner/adventurer/race director/nice guy. I bugged … Continue reading

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Mo has finally become a Texan

me: What was that address? mo: I was just fixin’ to look it up. pause. mo: OH MY GOD I JUST SAID FIXIN’ TO. OH MY GOD. howdy, y’all …

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