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1554, part 2

I’m standing at the bar. It’s a crowded Friday night so I’m wedged between a cowboy and a 30-something woman as I give the bartender my come-hither look. We hang around here enough that the bartenders know us as much … Continue reading

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The problem with following Mo in the dark

Detour through the lake.

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let it bees

the trail before dark the trail after dark —- “You need to be careful up ahead.” This strikes me as odd, because I thought we were being careful back behind. But this is coming from Brad, the race director, who … Continue reading

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going out with a bang

A huge blast rattled the apartment this morning, waking Mo with a jolt. Not me. The advantage of being deaf. She lay there for a moment, wondering what it was. She assumed it must have been a massive refinery explosion, … Continue reading

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oh, thank heaven

“Happy birthday, Sheila!” Applause. We’re standing in line at the fish place. Longtime readers will remember the fish guy from The Great Harmonica Bob Episode. He has a microphone for calling out names and isn’t afraid to use it. Today … Continue reading

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