my new coach is a film student in L.A.

“Never, ever give up.”

Bryce Vernon, a 20-year-old film student in Los Angeles, told me this today. Well, OK, he wasn’t exactly talking to me. He was part of a Morning Edition report on a possible benefit of the Affordable Care Act. But still.

Bryce has cerebral palsy. He talks with the help of a computer that reads his eye movement. He’s excited because a new program allows him to say goodbye five different ways. Later, dude.

I’m trudging along on the tm feeling sorry for myself, and here’s Bryce. Just doing what he can with what he has. Give up? Not a chance.

An OK 5 miler today. Legs are better. Just stayed under 130. Back on schedule. Powered by a banana, an industrial-strength cup of coffee, and a guy in L.A. who knows what it’s like to persevere in ways I never will.

Thanks, Bryce. I won’t give up. Never, ever. I promise.

Later, dude …

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