the problem with the youth of America

They’re too damn responsible.

Niece the Elder is in Colorado going to grad school or playing shortstop for the Rockies or something. It’s hard to keep up with her exploits without a program.

Mo is watching the weather channel, and apparently the water level has risen to about 7,000 feet. All you need to know about Colorado people is that the news conference we just watched consisted mostly of a nice woman warning people that this is NOT a good day to go kayaking. Which, I imagine, gave many, people the idea, “Hey, this is a good day to go kayaking.”

Mo, worried about the well being of Niece the Elder, sent her a text. (the nieces don’t actually “talk” on the phone, you know.)

This was the exchange.


I cling to the hope that she’s not so diligent a student that she attends class no matter what. That maybe she sees this as an excuse to play in the rain on the way to class. But I don’t know. Whatever happened to taking the day off? Her dad would be so disappointed.


Maybe she’ll go to school in a kayak …

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2 Responses to the problem with the youth of America

  1. Deucedeuce says:

    I may have not been so successful skirting the pokey if all my friends followed me around shooting video.

  2. MildSauce says:

    I can introduce you to some kids who still believe in taking the day off.

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