why i could never work for UPS

We’re watching the travels of a fanny pack from Running Warehouse to Ourhouse. It’s sort of like livetracking a race, but without the commentary by Andy Jones-Wilkins.

It’s heading for the home stretch now. But here’s where it’s been.


Reading from the bottom (the starting line) upward, we begin in San Luis Obispo, then to Ontario. So far so good.

But then we land at DFW in Dallas, which is just SIX HOURS down the road from my front door. Jump off the plane, little guy, jump!

But no. We then head to Louisville. I guess to visit Dean. Then to Des Moines, to check in on El Señor. The back to Louisville, I suppose because Dean is a lot of fun. THEN to San Antonio and an eventual arrival in South Texas.

Why, after arriving in Texas, did it have to go on a tour of the United States? Did somebody remove the trail markers? No headlamp? Never doubt mysterious men in dark brown uniforms, I suppose.

This fanny pack is going to be exhausted. I hope El Señor packed us a treat …

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2 Responses to why i could never work for UPS

  1. Frisbee Kitty says:

    That’s downright hilarious. You’d think the boys in brown were government workers or something.


  2. SeniorRunner says:

    Tossed in a couple of Iowa corn cobs for those awkward trail moments when you run out of TP.


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