sometimes life is like a Primus song

The advantage of no longer having a gym membership: mud runs.

It was raining at the start of the run today. Rainy days are different here than other places. The clouds on the sea, the wind, the big wall of gray hanging on the horizon, the humidity so thick it feels like rain. Oh, wait. It IS rain. And mud. Lots and lots of mud.

But the rain stopped almost as soon as I started, so it was just me and the squishy spots. I’m running these days on a half-mile loop, and about half of that is a dirt trail. Which today was a mud trail.

The bad knee is kinda quirky. It goes from not hurting at all to a hint of pain to an ice pick and then back to not hurting at all. So the puddles were a welcome distraction. You can’t run through a puddle without being 6 years old again. You just can’t. And 6-year-olds could care less if their knee hurts.

So that was my run today. A 6-year-old with a bad knee and a big smile, splashing and sliding and slithering in 5-pound shoes, remembering that running is all about having fun. You can’t find that in a gym. Unless maybe they keep it in that VIP room I never had access to.

I just hope Mo doesn’t notice the footprints going through the living room …

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4 Responses to sometimes life is like a Primus song

  1. CARunnin says:

    I always make it a point to splash through puddles on a run. I make it a game of how high can I splash water/mud on myself (Kynan is collateral damage, but he’s OK with it). One rogue droplet made it all the way to my cheek, so that’s my record. My enjoyment level rises 5 notches, easily, during a puddle run. Sometimes it’s the little things.

  2. Nole says:

    Puddle runs are awesome. It is not nearly as awesome if it isn’t raining while you’re splashing through the puddles though. It’s easier to run in the rain than when it’s just trying to breathe the water air.

    Maybe they have puddle-treadmills in the VIP room.

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