how do you say “freakin’ knee” in italian?

We could both wear cowboy hats and pretend that we could speak Italian.
— the prophet roger clyne

In case you were wondering whether listening to “Morning Edition” and a metronome at the same time is a good idea, the answer would be, um, no.

And with that, The Great Metronome Experiment of 2013 ended. But it was a good reminder that, much like running, the key to walking fast is walking fast.

So I switched to the Refrescos and stopped worrying about it. It worked out fine. Key seems to be in the arm swing and the hip swiveling and the screaming along with the chorus to “Banditos.” Sub-15 over 4 miles. I wore the hrm today, and it was right about what I expected. Comfy zone. I could do this all day. Except maybe for that Ventura paper that won’t put itself out.

Ernie Pook came along for the ride and seems to love fast-walking. It’s a sign.

I’m looking forward to some longer jaunts to see what it feels like. Possibly while wearing a cowboy hat and speaking Italian. Let’s go down together …


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4 Responses to how do you say “freakin’ knee” in italian?

  1. jenster says:

    You said “key” twice before getting to the run part so I think you borrowed Kynan’s mojo for this run. If it’s still missing when he starts running again, now he know where to look.

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