fondue running

Keep it off my wave
Keep it off my wave
Keep it off my wave

— the prophet chris cornell

The answer: Never, ever, ever, never ever leave the body glide at home.

The question: What’s the deal with fondue?

The run: OK. A blazing 12:20 first mile. All systems go. Which is what they said aboard Apollo 1.

The shoes: Ernie Pook Mud Run. High hilarity at low altitude.

The knee: somewhere between Alamogordo and the seventh floor of the Algonquin. Mouse sold separately.

The soundtrack: Soundgarden. Way too loud. Just right.

The verdict: More fun than trying to referee a congressional budget stalemate. Seriously.


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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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2 Responses to fondue running

  1. LOL — my husband has a very good relationship with Body Glide when he’s training. Hysterical.

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