new shoes and mouse traps


When in doubt, break out the Emergency Piranhas.

So that’s what I did. I had one pair stashed back for a rainy day, and there has been a dark cloud over me for about a week. It was time.

And oddly enough, everything felt fine. Which makes no sense, running in racing flats on a sidewalk when your knees have been dying, but who am I to doubt?

On the other hand, after a week of technical single-track, it was nice to drift along aimlessly with nothing to worry about except 12-year-old skateboarders cashing in on the downhill. Happy.

At the 1-mile mark, I came across this.

IMG_1719I have been running a lot of years, but this was the first time someone has set a trap for me. Sadly, the Clif bar I would suspect it was loaded with had already been snatched.

A good run. Sub-13s. Go figure. God bless Christopher Columbus.

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  1. That is so weird! Glad the temptation was already gone from it though 😉 A cliff bar is hard to deny!

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