critics. bless their hearts.

Even though it was years ago, I remember the moment as if it was yesterday. Hey, wait. I don’t remember yesterday.

Mo was working on the illustrations for her book. Her brow was furrowed. She seemed troubled.

I asked her what was wrong.

She looked up and shrugged. “This author’s writing is vacillating unpredictably between rhymes and straightforward prose,” she said.

That’s no good, I replied. I remember wondering if vacillating might be a naughty word.

She stared at the story for a few minutes, and then a light bulb went off over her head. Or maybe she turned on the kitchen light. It’s been a while; the details are fuzzy.

Did you solve it? I asked.

“Indeed,” she said. “I will just expertly choreograph the large, eager cast and bring forth their distinctive effusiveness.”

Sounds good to me, I said. Then I looked in the freezer to see if possibly the Ice Cream Fairies had come to visit. They had not.

So you can imagine how gratifying it is when we fast-forward a couple of years. “Publishers Weekly” just posted their review of the book, and they picked up on it perfectly.

Although Pearson’s writing vacillates unpredictably between rhymes and straightforward prose, Shepherd expertly choreographs her large, eager cast, bringing forth their distinctive effusiveness.

Mo Sheppo, expert choreographer of effusive, eager casts (I wonder if that would fit on a business card). And all this time I just thought she was drawing stuff. I should probably give her a little more respect and not steal her ice cream in the middle of the night.

Nah. But I will eat it effusively in her honor …


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2 Responses to critics. bless their hearts.

  1. Jill says:

    I have no idea what all those words mean because all I do is get yelled at by teenagers all day … but I know it’s something BIG. Well done, Mo – go make Garbo buy you some froyo to celebrate. It’s way better than ice cream.

  2. Brad Angle says:

    I think literary critics get paid by the word – meaning they get paid bonus $ for using certain fancy words to make us feel inferior.

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