can paleo peeps be couch potatoes?

During my morning trot through the news, The New York Times today tells me that marathon runners are still couch potatoes if they sit at their job for eight hours a day.

They tell me this as if I have an alternative. Would I enjoy NOT sitting at a desk eight hours a day? Yes, thank you very much. Please send me my stipend ASAP. And I’m not even sure what a stipend is.

What is the point of this story? “The findings are a cautionary reminder that many of us, including the most physically active, may be more sedentary than we imagine.”

Really? Like I don’t realize that editing for nine hours on deadline while peeing in the wastebasket  because I don’t have time to get up from my desk isn’t the best thing for my health? Like there’s an alternative for those of us with jobs that require big chunks of time chained to a desk?

I’m guessing coal miners realize their career choice might not be the world’s healthiest, but it could be worse. They could be a canary. We likely need a canary on the news desk. It could scan through the night’s planning commission story. If it falls over dead before making the jump, it’s time to survey the vending machine for newly expired food. Ant-infested Pop Tarts (for real). Yummm!

Today, I will run. Then I will work. And I’ll probably end up editing a dumb story about a dumb study. And then I’ll do it again the next day. And the day after that. And after that as well. And then I will die.

And the New York Times will say “See? I told you so.”

Damn uppity New Yorkers.

What? The study was done by researchers at the University of Texas? Oh.

Pass the potatoes, please …

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4 Responses to can paleo peeps be couch potatoes?

  1. SeniorRunner says:

    In the highly esteemed NYT, I have read that older distance runners are more likely to have dangerous calcium deposits in their arteries. I have also read that marathon runners, especially those who do ultras, are more subject to cardiac pathology of the sort that allegedly killed Micah True. But I’m comforted to read that there’s no increased risk of dying from a heart attack while actually running a marathon.

    Now I learn that marathoning may not help me avoid the perils of an otherwise sedentary lifestyle.

    Thank you, NYT, for confusing the hell out of me!

    Fortunately I don’t need University of Texas researchers to tell me that running is a good way to cope with confusion.

  2. Jessica says:

    I like surprises. This is why I don’t read NYT or WT or WSJ or the WP….
    If I die tomorrow, I know I’ve lived today…or something.

  3. jenster says:

    Paleo peeps are couch sweet potatoes.

  4. Bob Martinson says:

    Today, my wife told me that she was not going to use Teflon anymore because it causes cancer.

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