if dr. seuss had been a runner



(with apologies to tom bosley, tv’s howard cunningham)

One shoe
Two shoe
Green shoe
Blue shoe

Black shoe
White shoe
Old shoe
New shoe.

This one has a little tread.
This one’s midsole is quite dead.
Say! What a lot
Of shoes there are.

Some are purple. Some are blue.
Some are old. And some are new.

Some are racers.
Some are not.
And some you wonder why you got.

Why do they
have to smell like that?
I do not know.
Go ask the cat.

Some have lugs.
And some are slick.
Some have barf
where you were sick.

From there to here,
it’s lots of fun,
Single track awaits.
Let’s run!

About gary

no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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3 Responses to if dr. seuss had been a runner

  1. LOL – this reminds me that I need to replace my running shoes 😉

  2. Jill says:

    Good to see you’re keeping all shoe manufacturers equally gainfully employed.
    Run on!

  3. John Wayne says:

    I like it! From here to there, smelly shoes are everywhere!

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