mo sheppo’s guide to the perfect cup of coffee in six easy steps

1. Grind beans.

2. Put beans in espresso machine.

3. Insert carafe. *

4. Wait for the delightful aroma to waft across room. Yes, coffee aroma wafts.

5. Pour into mug and add fake sugar.

6. Enjoy!


* Apparently step 3 is crucial. Once again proving the time-tested theory, never make coffee until you’ve had some coffee.

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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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6 Responses to mo sheppo’s guide to the perfect cup of coffee in six easy steps

  1. slow ernie says:

    Mind if I come by and swap that outlet to a GFI? I’d hate to have to read some other blog to find out what happened to those nice people at Margarine.

  2. CA Running says:

    I hope that coffee wasn’t wasted! A straw or donut would fix the problem. 😉 I have also done this, too many times.

  3. Prairie athena. says:

    Tea. Even loose tea, fewer steps.

  4. dr pangloss says:

    Thanks, this made me laugh. I recommend Pepsi (or Coke, but that sounds like I am recommending Mo starts her morning off with an illegal substance and that didn’t seem quite right for this family friendly forum).

  5. sassafras says:

    Ahhh, Mo is osom! I miss her.

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