once upon a road in tejas

Funerals are sad and happy at the same time. We saw people we hadn’t seen in a long time. We met people we had never quite gotten around to meeting. And we ate pie. A time for goodbye and hello, and a reminder that life is fleeting. Eat more chocolate.

On the way there, we trusted the Garmin to lead us. It apparently was in the mood for nothing but obscure farm roads across 350 miles of Tejas. At first we were not amused, but after a while we just sat back and enjoyed the ride. Things you don’t see when you take the interstate …

wheely guy soup line palin lamb gas ford fireplace deer corn ammo coffee cars bright

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8 Responses to once upon a road in tejas

  1. kynanmatz says:

    Hardware soup and corn ammo both seem like terrible ideas.

  2. Jill says:

    Did RC (aka: chicklette) take that deer head of her wall and plant that deer head on the “Miller Deer Processing” sign? I hope she remembered the Santa hat for it.

    I would have been in heaven on a road trip like that. 350 miles would have taken me 9 hours, I bet. So jealous!

  3. Tammy Umberson says:

    Thanks for the picture of the ewe and lamb – great memories of trips to the grandparents in Goldthwaite this time of year!

    • Mo was amused because it was really cold (at least by south tejas standards — about 42), and the mom sheep was naked after someone had swiped her wool. Baby was only one in the field wearing a sweater.

      Taking farm roads most of the trip sent us through some beautiful country I’d never taken the time to see before. That’s a nice part of Texas. A fine place for a grandparent visit.

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