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just another morning conversation, part 50

me: What’s all the Gatorade for? mo: I mix it with water for the papier mache glue. Makes it dry quicker. me: Really? mo: No. mo sucks.

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Mr. Pants’ guide to determining whether an oil painting is dry yet

Mr. Pants is now feverishly working on his sequel, How to Avoid Certain Death by Artist. (step 1 — avoid the meat loaf.)

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just another morning conversation, part 49

me: what are you doing? mo: cooking roast beef. me: i thought you were cooking Papier Mâché. mo: not yet. note to self: be very, very careful eating lunch. aftermath: Mo says, “Isn’t the roast beef good? I think the … Continue reading

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just another Smith Family Singers concert

Every year, the Smith Family Singers gather around the Christmas tree for a rendition of “Little Runner Boy.” This year was no different. Other than maybe the addition of the beloved Little Ricky.

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Things I wish I had said, part 35

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Life’s a journey, not a destination.” No matter my destination, I will make the most of this journey. — Dan Carlton Jr.

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