just another gym conversation

Today when I awoke
The morning blues hung over me
So, I looked it straight in the eye
I jumped into the shower
For ’bout an hour
— the prophet terry kath

me: Excuse me. I have a question.

nice gym lady: What?

me: Would it be possible to take the time limit off one of the treadmills?

nice gym lady: They go up to an hour.

me: I know. But I was hoping to go longer than that.

nice gym lady: But they count down from 60 to zero.

me: I know. But maybe just one of them?

nice gym lady: They already go up to an hour, not just 30 minutes.

me: I know.

nice gym lady: What time are you thinking?

me: I don’t know. 12 hours? Or can’t you just make it where there’s no limit so you can run as long as you want?

nice gym lady: blank stare blank stare blank stare blank stare blank stare blank stare. I’ll look into it.

me: Thank you.

My gym’s motto: Making our customers happy. One hour at a time. Where’s Terry Kath when you need him? Oh.

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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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