yin and yang of trail running

yin: Managed to face-plant on a smooth dirt trail to the amusement of a couple right behind me. (“hey, look! there IS a tiny root here. how’d you manage to trip on that?”) Got lost on a trail that’s impossible to get lost on. Did some rock scrambling. I am not a fan of rock scrambling. Slid down steep dirt stretches in my road shoes. (Why doesn’t some company make shoes with lugs on them for this sort of thing?) Spent last half of race wishing trail races had port-a-pots, or that I was a bear. Constantly passed by trees and cactus. They are way faster than they look, you know. Sucked. Just sucked. Swore off running forever. Or at least till the second race in this series. Yeah, that one.

yang: Discovered Kickapoo IPA by Horny Toad Brewery of Rowena, Tejas at the pub after the race while eating lunch with the smith peeps. Kickapoo is the name of the fictional 5k named after a real creek that my granddad made up in an attempt to lure me to visit him. What more could you ask for in an ale?

Eat some dirt. Drink some Kickapoo. There are worse ways to spend a Saturday …


p.s. because i got lost and scrambled down the cliff, I cut enough off the course that I ended up finishing ahead of the couple who had left me behind after the crash. God bless the Kilian Jornet School of Running …

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no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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