my altra olympus review, part 3

Longtime readers will recall I’m running in the Altra Olympus in honor of the Olympics and Jim Henson, creator of the muppets. Today’s 4 miler was run in the Olympi and here’s what I think:

I love them. The cushioning is spectacular. It felt like I was running on a rubberized track.

Oh, I WAS running on a rubberized track. Never mind.

Shoe reviewing is harder than the brochure would indicate.

two minor gripes:

1. the shoelaces both were extremely off. One side was about 2 feet longer than the other. This appears to have been done intentionally, since they both were off the same length. Is there a reason for that? Other than giving me a lace to constantly trip over? Which I’m not sure is a desirable feature at all. But I’m not much of a technical guy, so maybe I’m missing something.

2. The Wendy’s chocolate Frosty seems to be getting smaller and smaller. Although I’m not certain there’s a correlation between this and the Altra Olympus, they WERE the shoes I was wearing when I got today’s Frosty, so beware. Or be square. Whatever that means.

Verdict: I really love the Wendy’s chocolate Frosty. I just wish it were bigger and my shoelaces didn’t drag in it. The end.

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