my altra olympus review, part 4

Longtime readers will recall that I’ve been running for a week in the Altra Olympi. I am smitten by their fit (roomy toe box), their cushioning (not squishy like Hokas, but not nonexistent like Piranhas), and their built-in AM radio, perfect for picking up Oklahoma country music stations in the middle of the night during those long, lonely stretches.

The downside: Their horrible sense of direction.

This is today’s run on the track.

sunday run

As you can see, it’s virtually impossible to steer them. A simple track run became cross-country chaos, which would be a disaster if not for my love of alliteration.

Is it because of the zero drop? The cushioning that causes you to lose contact with the ground? Magic weasels? Whatever. Just beware that if you run with these shoes, you’ll end up putting in a lot more miles than you intended. Which could be good if you’re running a marathon but interested in moving up to the 50k. Anyhow, you’ve been warned.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I hear Tammy Wynette coming in through the static …

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