my altra olympus review: part 5

Yesterday was the test. My first run on the sidewalk.

My daily run consists of sidewalk, with an occasional stretch of sidewalk broken up by occasional sidewalks. If you were trying to illustrate the phrase “easy on the legs,” this would not be the course you would choose. After a series of runs in the Altra Olympus on soft surfaces, this was the test.

The verdict: They’re perfect.

They are amazingly cushioned. But unlike the Hokey Pokeys, I don’t think about them when I’m running. They just fade into the background, the way great shoes should.

No ITB, no knee, no fatigue. The only possible problem is global warming, and I’m not sure they could be blamed for that.

My 4-mile run turned into 8.6, and I ended it there only because I had to go to work. I could have run forever, or till it was time for Olympic ice dancing, whichever came first. I loves me Olympic ice dancing.

Upside: A perfect day running at the beach in perfect shoes.


Downside: A perfectly hideous sunburn from the unplanned bonus miles.


Bottom line: Buy these shoes. And maybe some sunscreen.

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