uh oh …

just another cloudy thursday morning taking an insanity test …

 yes  no 27 Do you often watch TV just for the sake of it?
 yes  no 29 Do you name your possessions? ( cars, computers, socks? )
 yes  no 30 Have you ever tried to play a record backwards to search for hidden messages?
 yes  no 31 Do you plan to drive six hours to a race this weekend so that you can run 15-minute miles in a 12K (what the hell is a 12k?) to finish in last place, behind two elderly women out for a leisurely stroll?

About gary

no sock monkeys were harmed in the making of this blog.
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2 Responses to uh oh …

  1. I’m typing this on Google Machine the computer, not to be confused with Al the bf’s computer.

    • funny. gumbo just posted on the look (do you ever go there anymore?) this from her 100k race report:

      Linnea and I crossed the finish line together at 14:29. It was the most fun I’d ever had running.

      The next day we sat in the lobby of the hotel eating corn flakes and naming our belt buckles (Peaches). We ate burgers the size of our heads and then parted ways.

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